What I have in common with Fred G. Sanford

April 2, 2010

One of my compost piles

If you watched a ton of TV in the ’70’s as I did, I think that you’ll get what I’m saying. My yard right now is mostly Sanford and Son, but it’s also got a bit of The Beverly Hillbillies in it as well. Don’t get me wrong- it’s mostly Sanford and Son. If you don’t remember this show, it was about a man (Fred G. Sanford) and his son who owned and lived at a junk yard. Let’s see- right now, there are various drip irrigation and drainage pipes, three different compost piles, the kids’ dump trucks and balls (some deflated), along with a mud-slinging catapult (courtesy of my son). Yep, a junk yard. As for the Beverly Hillbillies, when a neighbor saw me drag a bale of straw out of my car about a year ago, she asked if we had gotten a goat. Serious question. When a family moves into a suburban house, and they grow their own food, then bring in bees and chickens, it feels a little like the Clampetts have moved in. I would love to bring in Green Acres here, but the truth is that I’m nothing like Lisa Douglas (the Eva Gabor character). I actually like to cook; never wear feathered anything; and her cute little shoes would hurt my feet.


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