Living Your Art- Sushma Patel Bould

May 12, 2010

I introduced you to my friend Sushma last week, along with Mimi Kirchner. Sushma pointed out that she and Kirchner were both graduates of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Both artists. Roughly ten years apart in terms of when they were there. Interesting to think about these two artists to see what they might have in common as a result of their time at CMU. Sushma’s work has been exhibited at the San Jose Quilt Museum as a part of National Quilt Exhibition, and her Bauhaus quilt has been exhibited across the county. Her work can also be found in the homes of Silicon Valley royalty (think Apples and oranges). Her more recent work includes a beautiful red, white and blue quilt called Made In America. It was inspired by the phrase “we are a patchwork nation” in President Obama’s inaugural address. This video will give you a bit more information about Sushma and her work.


One Response to “Living Your Art- Sushma Patel Bould”

  1. […] told you about Sushma last week. Now meet her husband, Fred Bould. I love the clean, modern feel of his work. When I saw the […]

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