Arc Attack at the Maker Faire

May 28, 2010

This was the most memorable part of the Maker Faire for me this year. Totally unreal. I left their performance feeling excited, overwhelmed and exhausted all at the same time.

Just a bit about why this made such an impact on me. There is the obvious part about the electricity. It was loud. You can see it moving in and around whoever is on stage. It’s a lot to take in- both visually and auditorially. But, there was also a very moving, human component for me. The musicians/inventors/technicians obviously loved what they were doing. Making music with electricity- having the electricity move in and around them. They were doing what they loved.

They were also using a cage to put an audience member in instead of the suit that you see in the video above. One of the audience members was another scientist at the Maker Faire. He was this adorably roundish man in his sixties. Dressed in a lab coat. Obviously at the Maker Faire geeking out with his own techno geek or science gig. Any way, the music and electricity were moving around him as he danced in the cage. He was LOVING it- grooving with the music and lightning- totally un-self conscious. Totally in his element. And it was moving for me. That’s what I want to be when I grow up. Totally living in my own skin.


3 Responses to “Arc Attack at the Maker Faire”

  1. Leanne Says:

    That is very cool, sorry I missed it. Are these the guys on America’s Got Talent? Sharon Osborne was not impressed, but the rest of the panel voted them on to the finals. Did I detect the Dr. Who theme song? I’m a big fan.

  2. robinjohnsonsimpson Says:

    I didn’t see America’s Got Talent, so I don’t know. Does anyone else know?

  3. […] can read what I’ve said in the past about the Maker Faire here and here. It’s anything you can make, or be involved in making. Recycling and upcycling any and […]

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