Nose in Training

June 16, 2010

No silly, I’m not doing push ups with my nose. I’m training my nose to be able to smell all the different essences that go into a scent. If you know me very well, you might know that I have sensory integration issues. You know, I’m a fidgeter- the chair’s too hard; tags in clothing bother me; the sun is too bright; the water’s too cold; and some smells are just too much. My environment can be a bit overwhelming for me sometimes. If you know about sensory integration, you know that it can get in your way. It doesn’t have to, but it can.

Here’s the upside to my particular sensitivities- I’m LOVING learning about scent. It’s like I’m getting a gift. As you can see in the pictures below, I have each of the essential oils labeled, and I’m trying to memorize the different smells. As silly as it sounds, it’s actually sort of tiring (in a sensory sort of way). It’s a completely different sort of learning than I’ve ever done, and my brain was tired last night when I went to bed (as was my nose).

Also notice the coffee beans that I have out to sniff between smelling the different essential oils. It sort of clears your nose so that you can continue to smell the different oils.


3 Responses to “Nose in Training”

  1. Leanne Says:

    I recently took a perfume making class from a woman who has an incredible smeller. Anyway, as she introduced us to all the essential oils, we used a ball of wool to breath through to clear our noses before continuing. A wool sweater would also do the trick. According to her coffee beans will confuse your nose. Give it a try.

  2. robinjohnsonsimpson Says:

    I’ll give it a try. The coffee is pretty overwhelming. I thought that was a good thing- to clear my nose. But if there is a gentler way, that would be great. I’ll give the wool a try and let you know how it goes. Did she use clean wool? I have some wool that still smells strongly of lanolin and sheep- wonder if I would be better off using that or just using wool roving????

    • Leanne Says:

      We used a ball of spun wool. I think the raw wool may defeat the cause (too many competing smells).

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