What I’ve Learned

June 21, 2010

At this point, I’ve had about 30 respondents give me feedback about my soap. Thank you!!

I’ve learned a lot, and this testing process has been absolutely invaluable. So, what are the big take aways?

– My intuition only gets me so far. I love the creativity involved in this process. That being said, what I think is a good idea- is not always a good idea. I love the idea of honey oatmeal soap. But my wonderful testers? Not so much. So, I either need to change the way that I’m making honey oatmeal soap, or I need to drop it completely. Didn’t work so well. I had one respondent suggest oatmeal with shea butter- and I’m going to give it a try.

– People like scent. I do, too. So, I’m going to give you guys scent. I’m also going to try to make the soap more attractive. We’ll see how this goes in the next round of testing. (For you unscented fans, fear not- I’m keeping at least one unscented soap).

– People seemed to LOVE the chamomile. Go figure. So, I’m playing with the chamomile a bit more. I’m going to make another round exactly like last time. But, then I’m going to make some with calendula this time to see how that goes. I’m also going to see if people like it better without the chamomile flowers ground up in it. And, I’ll be making more chamomile with lavender- people seemed to really like it.

– Testing takes way more time than I anticipated. When I said this to my husband who is an internet marketing/sales guy, he just smiled and said “yes”. He very politely refrained from saying “duh”, but I know that’s what he was thinking. Showed enormous restraint.

– When you give me comments on Survey Monkey, I don’t know who you are. Tell it like it is! The survey shows your IP address- but it doesn’t give any other identifying information. If you want to identify yourself, please e-mail me.

– I think that I need more respondents who don’t know me. People are so nice when they know you. So, watch out. I’ll be hitting you up to help me find people who don’t know me.

Those are my main learnings at this point. I’ve got a lot of different soaps that I’m going to be trying this time around. Should be fun!


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