Unhappy Meals

August 6, 2010

Authors and thought changers are my rock stars. The thing is, when authors are your rock stars, you can actually meet them. You can go to a book signing, and you can meet them. How cool is that???

When I get nervous, my heart beats fast; my palms sweat; my voice quivers; and my hands shake. The picture of poise.

This is exactly what happened when I met Donald Miller and Michael Pollan. Completely star struck. “Um, I’m a big fan- I’ve read all your books” (or something like that) to Donald Miller. “I’ve read all your books- you’ve changed the way I buy food” to Michael Pollan. They were both very impressed by my striking presence and poise, I’m sure. Joel Salatin was another story. My friends Trish and Jose were with me for that one. Trish just chuckled about how nervous I was to be around this 60ish farmer. I’ll admit that although I was standing almost elbow to elbow, I didn’t have the guts to introduce myself. I know, I’m a nerd. If you’ve known me for a while, you already know this. If I get to meet you soon, you won’t be surprised when you witness it first hand.

Now I’m wondering how I got here. Oh yes- Michael Pollan.

This is an older article called “Unhappy Meals” from the New York Times Magazine. It’s a distilled version of his book “In Defense of Food”. This book has had a huge impact on the way that our family eats. The article is lengthy, but I think that it’s worth reading. Click here if you’re interested.


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