Last Batch!

October 1, 2010

I’ve been busy getting batch after batch of soap made so that I can start our next round of testing. This morning, I made my last batch of soap for testing. In case you’re wondering, it was oat milk and honey.

Here’s my lavish curing area. It’s all so glamorous. Are you wondering how I stay humble?

Here are some pictures of all my soap curing.

So, here are some of the soaps in the lineup:

Spiced black tea
Green tea with bitter orange
Chamomile calendula
Patchouli with sage
Geranium lavender
Rosemary mint
Chamomile lavender
Lemongrass rosemary
Tea tree peppermint
Naked (sorry, I couldn’t resist- it’s just plain unscented soap)
Rosemary mint
Lavender lime
Chamomile tea tree
Lime leaf and bitter orange

All the soap will be cured and ready to send out for testing on November 2. So, I’ll be preparing for that in the next few weeks. Beware!


3 Responses to “Last Batch!”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Yum! Are you sure we can’t eat these?!

  2. Ginna Says:

    this is so cool! if you need any more testers… count me in!

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