October 8, 2010

My friend John shared this poem with me yesterday, and I absolutely love it. It’s by Colleen Wainwright, who writes the Communicatrix blog. Here it is:

Leaping again and again until we all get it right

Can you throw yourself
in, again
and again?

Can you rip wide the wrapper
for someone’s protection
and let spring forth
what will?

Butterflies, maybe
or dirt
or blood
or a full-court dance-press crew
of pirate gremlins
playing mad fiddle music
and tapping out code
with their crazy, nonsensical, wooden-shoe

I was so afraid
for so long
of opening up
for I had no idea
what would spill forth.

Wisdom, I hoped.
Lunacy, I suspected.
Venom, surely, from the hordes
of slathering
I was sure.

In case you hadn’t noticed
I am still here
with most of my parts
and some of my dignity
and so, for that matter,
are you.

I was so afraid
of the meter
that I clung
to the prose.

Yet here we are,
basking in something—
not quite normal
not entirely strange
and maybe just a little bit

jump with me

We will catch our own breaths
with the thrill
of it all
or we will fall
with a thud
to the hard, hard ground.

I have news for you:
it was there anyway.

and again.

No choice
but to leap
and again…


One Response to “Leaping”

  1. lauren Says:

    gorgeous, thank you.

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