The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.

October 26, 2010

Remember that wonderful first line of The Cat in the Hat? Charlie and I were joking about it on Sunday as we sat out in the pouring rain talking about soap with lots of people. Indeed, it was not too wet to play. There were a lot of hearty souls out quenching their curiosity about all sorts of things.

We were looking at the event as a “first” experience. Trying our best to prepare, but also trying to be gracious with ourselves as newbies. All in all, it went well. I presented a soap making demonstration to maybe 20-25 people. Everyone seemed to be interested, and there were a lot of great questions. Then, we spent the rest of the day at our table talking about the development of Frustrated Farmgirl soaps and giving out samples. (As a side note, if you’re giving out samples of soap on a wet day, it’s a good idea to bring something to put the soap in- won’t make that mistake again.) I was hoping to get more testers who don’t know me- so that they won’t be so nice in testing. As a side benefit, I got a better feel for what customers like. The Maker Faire crowd was partial to lemongrass, lavender and green tea with bitter orange. We’ll see what the testers say.

All in all, it was a good experience. Now, on to testing!

As a side benefit, our booth was between the steam punk guys and a wet felter. Soooo fun!


4 Responses to “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.”

  1. Leanne Says:

    Congratulations. You are officially out there. A first big step. Well done. Sorry we didn’t make it.

  2. Denise Says:

    Good on ya, Robin. I fully support what you are doing. Wish we could have made it over. It sounds like fun!

  3. Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

    Thanks Leanne and Denise!!

  4. Bertrand Russell~ Man needs for his happiness not only the enjoyment of this or that but hope and enterprise and change.

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