Round Two Testing Time

November 1, 2010

I’ve been warning you that this was coming. I’m hitting you up to help me test my soap.

Here’s the deal:

I’m attaching a contact form at the bottom of this blog post. Please give me your name, address, and three preferences of soap to test. Then, I will send you the soap, along with a survey monkey link. Then, you let me know what you think. That’s it! Pretty simple.

All soap is made with olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter. All fats are organic (the shea butter isn’t certified). The olive oil and shea butter are Fair Trade. The coconut oil will be Fair Trade when I start production. I’m still working on sourcing Fair Trade, organic coconut oil. All essential oils are certified organic.

Here are the choices. I’ll send an ingredient list with each bar of soap.

Batch 16- Green tea with bitter orange
Batch 17- Spiced Black Tea
Batch 18- Pathchouli with Sage
Batch 19- Geranium with lavender
Batch 22- Chamomile- chamomile flowers on top
Batch 23- Lavender- lavender flowers on top
Batch 24- Chamomile Lavender- botanicals on top
Batch 25- Rosemary with lemongrass
Batch 26- Tea tree peppermint
Batch 27- Plain unscented
Batch 28- Oatmeal
Batch 29- Rosemary mint
Batch 30- Lavender and lime
Batch 31- Chamomile with tea tree
Batch 32- Chamomile with calendula (added ground calendula flowers to the batter)
Batch 33- Lavendar Chamomile- (made with a lavendula angustifolia instead of lavendula officialis essential oil)
Batch 34- chamomile
Batch 35- Lime leaf and bitter orange
Batch 36- chamomile- with ground chamomile flowers added into the soap batter
Batch 37- Oat milk and honey

I accidentally made a couple of varieties twice. So, you’re not seeing double.

Also, please help me spread the word. Thanks!!!


22 Responses to “Round Two Testing Time”

  1. Mildred Says:

    Oh Boy!!! This is going to be great!

    May I please try:
    Batches 26, 29 and a selection of your choice, such as one for which you need more testing?

    Thanks & hugs!

  2. Woooohoooo!
    Would like batches 23, 26, and 37. I am so very excited, it is going to be fantastic.
    I did not see a contact form, so I will email you my info!
    The Park Wife

  3. […] 所以親愛的各位, 有興趣加入試香行列者, 請速洽Robin的Frustrated Farmgirl, 在{Round Two Testing Time}一文的表格欄裡留下姓名地址和自選三種香氛香皂, […]

  4. Sandy Says:

    Hi Robin,

    I found your link from Min’s blog. I’d like to be one of the lucky tester as well.
    18,28 and 37 are my choices.
    I don’t see the form. would you please send me the email so that I can give you my info? Thanks!!


  5. Lynda Says:

    Hi! I got here through Min’s blog. I didn’t see a form so feel free to email me if I am selected as a tester.

    I like batches 16, 24, 29

  6. joanna Says:

    I found ur link from Min’s blog.
    but i’m not live in USA….
    could i be a lucky tester ???:D

  7. Ruby Yang Says:

    Hey Robin,

    Found your website from Min Picks. Could I be the tester?

    I’d like to try those soaps: Batch 23, Batch 24, Batch 33.

    How do I send you my address?



  8. Juila Says:

    Hi Robin, Found your website from Min’s blog, I would like to be one of your tester if possible.
    I ‘d like to try soap batch 23, 25, and 37. Please let me know where to send my address to, thanks a bunch!

  9. Yvonne Says:

    Hi Robin,

    I got the link via Min’s blog. If I could be one of the lucky testers, I’d like to try soap batch 16, 25 and 37.

    Thank you so much!


  10. lauren Says:

    hi robin, i used to work with charlie at palm and saw your link in the paper (i believe we met the halloween little charlie came in to work dressed as a turtle).

    i’d love to test your plane unscented, but have a ton of allergies so the rest would be dicey (unless your oats are gluten-free), but if you’re open to just sending one, i’d be a great test subject.

    look forward the hearing back.

    – lauren

  11. Patricia Says:

    Hi! I would love to be your tester. Here are my picks:

    Batch 16 , 32 and 33.

    Please contact me for address if I am the lucky one. (I left a message yesterday but I didn’t see mine on your blog.)

    Many thanks!

  12. tanyi Says:

    Hi found this site through Min’s blog.

    I’d like to be your tester!
    My picks are batch 17, 35 and19.

    Thanks a lot!


  13. Eva Says:

    Hi, I would like to participate in your Round 2 Testing.
    My choices are batch 16 23 and 36.
    Please let me know when to send you my address.

  14. I-Jen Says:

    Hi Robin,

    I found your link from Min’s blog.
    I’d like to be one of the lucky tester.
    16,33 and 36 are my choices.

    If I could be one of the lucky tester, I’ll email u my info.

    Thanks a lot!!

    I-Jen (@Taiwan)

  15. Annie Says:

    Hi Robin,

    Luckily found your site through Min’s blog. I would like to participate in your Round 2 Testing. My choices are batch 25, 33 and 36.
    Please let me know where to send my address, thanks!


  16. Please email me at this address so I can send you my address directly. We’ve communicated in the past re the Belmont veggie share and such. All the varieties look delicious! 🙂


  17. Sophie Says:

    Hi Robin,

    I have been using natural hand-made soaps for several years and would love to try out some new varieties. My scents of choices are: 27, 32 and 37.

  18. erin coady Says:

    What fun! I would love to try 16, 30 and 37. Thanks!

  19. Isabelle Says:

    Hi Robin,

    I have been using hand-made soaps for a while. I really want to try some newer selections. My choices are 16, 30, 32.

    Many thanks,

    Isabelle @ Spain

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