Do you know my customer?

November 3, 2010

I think I do. Let me describe her to you. No offense, men, but really, it’s mostly us girls who are into things like organic, hand-made soap.

– She’s an ingredient snob.
– Fair Trade may be a big deal to her. Maybe, though, she doesn’t realize that it’s a big deal for her yet.
– She’s into organic foods.
– If she eats meat, it’s probably pastured.
– She favors quality over quantity.
– Costco’s not her thing.
– She buys at least some of her food at Whole Foods or the local co-op.
– She doesn’t mind paying extra to get a high quality product.
– She loves things that are hand-made.
– Maybe she has her kids at a Waldorf school???
– Maybe she home schools?
– She loves great smelling girly stuff, even if she may not wear make up all the time.

Do you know her? Will you help me find her? Still trying to get more testers. While I’m happy to have anyone test my soap, I would like to make sure that the girl described above gets to try some, too. I need to hear what she thinks.


10 Responses to “Do you know my customer?”

  1. lauren Says:

    aside from costco and waldorf (no kids), she sounds like me.

  2. Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

    Perfect, Lauren. I’ll send you a bar of the plain unscented. Thank you!

  3. Mona Urbina Says:

    Spot on. I also don’t buy bottled water cause I filter my own and I don’t eat food that has been cooked in a microwave.

    • Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

      Oh Mona- I love that. I got rid of my microwave about two years ago. Will you be a tester for me???

  4. Harriet Says:

    That description sounds a lot like me. I make most food the slow way and get a veggie box from RiverDog Farm and buy primarily humanely raised meat from Marin Sun Farms and Prather. I can’t stand artificial fragrances in soaps or other bath products and have an aromatherapist’s certificate. I do occasionally shop at Costco, only because times are tight and we really can’t afford to be too choosy, but boy do I detest that place. It makes me deeply sad because to me it symbolizes the end of small business.

    No microwave here either.

    Would love to try your soap- I worked in a French bath shop for a few years in college and love soap- esp hand made, naturally scented. Do you think you might come to the KPFA Crafts Fair in SF in December? It would be a great pace to sell your soap if you’re ready.



    • Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

      Hi Harriet- I would love to have you as a tester!!!! No plans to do any craft fairs this holiday season. I have to finish testing before I’m ready to do any production. We could compare notes on buying food. I tried to grow most of my own veggies this year. Next year, I’m going back to my CSA- Two Small Farms. I had trouble keeping up my my family’s appetite this year. I will still grow my own food to supplement Two Small Farms. We are a drop site for Frog Hollow Farm (fruit). I’ve bought meat in the past from Marin Sun Farms. Also Hain Ranch. Right now, I have Gleason Ranch lamb and pork. And, all my beef is from Morris Grassfed. My Thanksgiving turkey is coming from Gleason Ranch.

  5. Lisa Liguori Says:

    Me, me! I am your customer! And I bet I have your customers at Style Essentials too!
    I want to be a tester. Sign me up Robin!

  6. T W-B Says:

    Oh Dear! Sounds like me! I came across your site, (Great name! ; )! As I am toying with the idea, of trying Canaan Fair Trade’s Olive oil soap, merely as a change, from Nasabb’s Black soap. (Much prefer to Agbanga Karite, however,it might not be to everyone’s taste, as it is straight black soap and not mixed with shea butter, like AK’s.) I realised that I have gotten into the habit of not wearing make up very little that, in spite of the fact that what I do have is organic, I realised that I have just posed for my latest state 5 year I.D picture, without any make up at all! I have two small kids who have never eaten Mcdonalds. I go to Costco, but just to buy Organic stuff in bulk. I think my “Crowning moment”, when I realised I truly may have “issues”, is when a girfriend took me a few years ago, for an improptu girls afternoon/pedi – I had never had one before – and, instead of just sitting back and enjoying the moment, I took the foot cream from the pedicurist and started reading the label! LOL! I would dearly love to try your soap! Do I qualify?! Peace and Blessings!

    • Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

      Hi Tania- You qualify! Unfortunately, the testing is almost complete. Thanks for writing. Hopefully, I’ll be making more soap soon. We’ll see what the data from testing looks like.

  7. T W-B Says:

    Ah! Well, never mind! I at least know that I am not alone in my “madness!” LOL! Good luck with the results, Robin – I look forward to reading about them!



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