My November Garden

November 9, 2010

We have our house on the market, so the yard has been tidied up quite a bit. I thought I would show you what it looks like. First of all, I sold out and planted grass. It looks great, and the kids love it. But, it’s very, very thirsty. Not a big deal in many parts of the country. Here in California, it doesn’t rain from roughly April through September- so plants have to be irrigated during this time. All our water comes from melting snow pack in the Sierra Nevada range. As weather patterns change, our choices for what to plant are becoming more important. This is the reason that I’ve favored drought tolerant plants up to this point. It’s also the reason for my guilt over planting grass.

You can see over on the right hand side that my husband has built a permanent place to compost. I’m loving that! He has the doors for it built- they just need to be attached. So, so nice.

Bok Choy




We also have onions planted, along with cover crops (rye, vetch, buckwheat and bell beans). And, I’m going to be planting beets. Because I really can’t think of anything better than roasted beets with arugula and goat cheese- yum!


2 Responses to “My November Garden”

  1. Sharon Collier Says:

    Carex grass doesn’t need to be cut except once a year, and it may be less thirsty also.

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