Round Two Testing Shipped!

November 22, 2010

Phew! It’s out the door. I have to say that the mechanics of testing are not my favorite thing to do. Getting a huge mailing ready harkens back to my days of working my way through college as a secretary. I’m glad that I had a great job that paid for school, but secretarial work is not my favorite. That being said, without the tedium of testing, I won’t know which soaps to sell. I sent out 106 bars to 63 testers. I had anticipated sending out more bars to more testers. What I didn’t account for was that some of the types of soap had almost zero demand (great information to have, by the way), whereas some were so popular that I ran out. If you’re one of the people that wanted to be a tester, but that didn’t get to be, I’m truly sorry!

So, now comes the fun part of seeing how the soap does in testing. I’ll be able to watch the survey monkey questionnaires come back. For me, it’s interesting to see what people think. Last time, what the testers thought was often quite different from what I thought. Thanks to some well-connected friends (I’m looking at you, Min, Denise and Linnaea), I was able to get the soap out to a very broad group of people. Thanks friends!


2 Responses to “Round Two Testing Shipped!”

  1. lauren Says:

    got mine this weekend. already love it. 🙂

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