Slavery in the Supply Chain

February 12, 2011

There are over 27 million slaves in the world. For every person who is a victim of sexual slavery, there are nine people who are victims of forced work. This is one of the areas where we are a big part of the problem. Because we’re not demanding that our supply chain be free of forced work, the practice continues.

We want our products to be fast, cheap and good. Sadly, this often comes at the expense of humans and the environment.

It’s hard (but not impossible) to get around. You have to make a concerted effort. There is slave labor embedded into so many of the items that we regularly buy, such as chocolate, tires and cotton.

This video gives a good introduction to the immense problem. Indeed, I am a big part of the problem. But, being a part of the problem means that I can also start to be a part of the solution. In my next blog post, I’ll be telling you about a promising new tool that has the potential to help us make better purchasing choices.


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