Tea Time

February 22, 2011

Part of our minimalist journey has been to enjoy the things we have that we love and that are beautiful. It doesn’t honor our heirlooms or the ancestors to whom they belonged if they sit in a closet unused. I gave the china that belonged to my great grandmother to a woman who gives teas for children. It had been sitting in a closet unused for 13 years. Who benefits from that? I also gave away all the protective covers for my china. The china that Charlie and I chose when we married is now stored in our china cabinet- and we use it on Sundays.

So, I’ve been enjoying my tea in cups that belonged to my other great grandmother. They are old and delicate and beautiful- adorned with orchids. My tea tastes better in these cups. Somehow, it enhances my tea time ritual. It makes me think about my great grandmother and her legacy. She was an amazing woman who raised two boys by herself in the midst of the great depression. Strong. She was known as “old ironsides”- at times she could be difficult (just like me). But, I also know that she was a great source of support to my mom when we were young children. I wish I could have known her as an adult.

So, here’s to Grandmother Watts!

I’ll share with you that my favorite tea is Rishi green jasmine tea. It’s organic and Fair Trade. An indulgence. Yummy!


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