June 16, 2011

I wanted to share another one of my staples with you. Omelettes are one of my favorite foods for breakfast. A super simple and nutritious meal. Here’s how I make mine:

  1. Saute whatever veggies you have on hand.  My omelettes often include peppers, mushrooms and greens.  If you’re using greens, saute them just until wilted.  Spinach is super yummy.  Set veggies to the side.
  2. Heat your pan up.  I use a stainless steel pan without a non-stick coating, and it works just fine.  The key to keep it from sticking is to get it quite hot.  A drop of water needs to dance across the pan.
  3. While your pan is heating, crack two eggs into a bowl and mix well.  If you have fresh herbs on hand, chop them and add them to the raw egg mixture.  I’ve been using fresh tarragon from my CSA veggie box this week, and it’s been very tasty.
  4. To your very hot pan, add a bit of butter or coconut oil and swirl the fat to coat the pan.  Olive oil will make your pan sticky, so don’t use it for an omelette.  Add the egg and let it start to set.  With a spatula, lift the sides of the omelette to let the uncooked egg run underneath.  This will help most of the egg get cooked. Next . . .
  5. Flip the omelette.  Yep, flip it.  You can do it!  I believe in you.  My husband had been doing it for quite some time, but he wouldn’t teach me how.  He had one over on me in the kitchen, and he sort of enjoyed it.  Don’t know that I blame him.  Anyhow, I asked the cook at a hotel we stayed at to teach me how.  The first time I tried it, I did it over the sink.  Now, I can confidently flip my omelettes over the stove.  It’s all in the wrist.
  6. After you flip your omelette, the other side will quickly cook.  Add about 1/4 cup cheese (cheddar, feta, etc) to half of the omelette.    Add your sauteed veggies on top of the cheese.  Now is the time to add tomatoes or avocados if you want.  Fold the omelette in half and slide it out of  the pan.

Easy, fast and healthy.  What’s not to love?!

Are there any other omelette fans out there?  Do you have  tips or tricks to share?  What about favorite combinations to add to your omelettes?


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