Elizabeth Sherwin and Canvas Justice

August 1, 2011

Check out Canvas Justice, a website which was started by Menlo Atherton High School student Elizabeth Sherwin. Sherwin, who is a fellow member of MPPC, started this website after she saw Justin Dillon’s documentary Call + Response. Elizabeth is a gifted artist, and she uses her website Canvas Justice to sell her artwork. The proceeds all go to organizations that fight human trafficking. What’s more, Elizabeth and fellow Menlo-Atherton student Sydney Young started the Save Every Slave Club at their high school. The purpose of the club is to “raise awareness of slavery in the community and raise funds for the prevention”. Recent club events have included showing the short documentary “At the End of Slavery”, along with rallying fellow students to call on a major chocolate maker to clean up slavery in its supply chain. They also held a chocolate sale where they sold Fair Trade chocolate. I love Elizabeth’s drive to do something about injustice. It just shows how our ability to affect change isn’t limited by age or experience. Elizabeth has married her gifts as an artist with her drive and passion to do something about human trafficking. She’s being the change that she wants to see. I love that!


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