The Reluctant Twitter-er

August 17, 2011

Is that the word for it?  I think it might be a “tweet” if you send something out on twitter.

Anyhow, I’ve been super reluctant to re-join Facebook and Twitter after I closed both my sites down a couple of years ago.   I have no plans to go back to Facebook, but I just re-joined Twitter yesterday.  For a very well-thought-out reason.  I wanted to do Pinterist– because I need more meaningless diversions in my life. In order to join Pinterest, you have to be a part of Facebook or Twitter. When I think about re-joining Facebook, my eye starts to twitch, so I decided to do Twitter instead. See? All perfectly reasonable.

You can read here about my thoughts a while back on Facebook and Twitter. I’m still pretty anti-Facebook. I still have all the same concerns that I wrote about a while back. And I’m just praying that Twitter doesn’t have games. Because internet games and I don’t get along in the context of social media. When I played the “What veggie tales character are you?” game on Facebook, the result that I was Junior was plastered on my home page for lots and lots of my closest “friends” to see. Humiliating. Junior!? I don’t know what was more embarrassing- the fact that I actually played the “what veggie tales character are you?” game or the result that I was junior. Any way, my Facebook veggie tales experience was one of the straws that broke the camel’s back.

So, I’m back on Twitter- reluctantly. Trying to learn not to look at it. I’m finding it helpful that people aren’t commenting on other people’s updates. If someone that I follow starts tweeting that they’re at the grocery store buying bread, I can just choose not to follow them any more. I’m feeling more optimistic about Twitter than Facebook in terms of it sucking me in. At the same time, I will pull the plug again if I start to spend too much time on it.

Anyone else out there reluctant about social media? Have you found ways to keep it in check so that it doesn’t suck up your time? Anyone else had to pull the plug?


5 Responses to “The Reluctant Twitter-er”

  1. John Says:

    A middle road to dropping people whose updates do not always interest you is to create a “list” of core people you really want to see updates for and then focus on the twitter stream from that list.

    Lists can be private (viewable only by you) and public too–other people can follow your list. I have a private list I call “core” for people I don’t want to miss their tweets.

    To add someone to a list (or a new list) click on someone’s name and then the drop-down box with the person icon

  2. Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

    Wonderful suggestion, John- I’ll do that.

    So far, it’s not feeling overwhelming.

  3. Betsy Says:

    Robin– I thought I was the only person not on facebook, glad to know I’m not alone ;)… I’ve been tempted (for purely voyeristic reasons) but vowed not to do it, and so far have stuck to it. Good luck on your twitter adventure!! I will admit that i have no idea how it even works!

    By the way, I really love your blog. You are so grounded and I find it so refreshing! Miss you tons!!


  4. Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

    Miss you, too, sweet friend! Thanks for your kind words- I would love to catch up with you!

    • Betsy Says:

      Next time we make it up to Bay Area, you will be the first one I call! Hopefully in the next year we will have the opportunity!

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