Joshua Becker on Rest

September 7, 2011

Loving Joshua Becker’s blog post on rest today. I’m finding life with smart phones to be troublesome. My concern is that they’re just too easy (which is why I don’t have one). It’s too easy to take up every spare bit of blank time in our days with checking to see what’s going on. Facebook. Twitter. E-mail. Those bits of time in line at Peet’s or waiting on the elevator. Dead time at our kids’ soccer games or at the park. Time just to be and to let our minds wander. We’re losing all those bits of time in our days where we just are.  White space.

Another concern (at least where we live in Silicon Valley) is that we don’t take unplugged vacations any more. We’re expected to be available even on vacations. Which means that we don’t get true rest. We don’t get time away. Which means that we don’t come back from vacations rested and rejuvenated. Frankly, this seems counter productive to me from a business standpoint. If we took true vacations- vacations that were unplugged from the office, we would come back from our vacations rested and refreshed. Which would mean that we would be fresh to get back in the game. Rested. With our creativity refreshed and renewed. Time and space away from problems and challenges can give us perspective.

I’ll stop my rant and point you toward Joshua Becker’s blog post. I hope you enjoy it.


2 Responses to “Joshua Becker on Rest”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Robin, I love your heart, your challenge to push back against this fast-paced, productivity-loving culture that makes white space –rest– feel irresponsible and illusive. I want to say ‘yes’ more to the quiet, His beauty working in me. I need to trust Him and not try to “create” peace on my own. More white space! Yes!

    • Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

      I love your heart, too, Jenn! Why is this “rest” thing so pickin’ hard?! Even without a smartphone, twitter and facebook, I still feel busy-ness pressing in on me. The struggle to slow down.

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