Olive Oil Producer- Rwada Kader

September 7, 2012

Today, I want to introduce you to Rwada Kader. She is one of the olive oil producers for Canaan Fair Trade. Each person who participates in olive oil cooperatives represents a family. When a woman like Rwada can make a wage that provides food, clothing and shelter, her whole family is less vulnerable to being exploited. Living in an occupied territory has been hard for Rwada.

According to Canaan Fair Trade:

The only woman farmer in her coop, Um Hamza (another name by which Rwada is known) leads the other farmers in her village with vision and commitment to organic agriculture. When she thinks of people using pesticides or herbicide she feels outrage because she says “we endure occupation and political hardship, the only friend to us is the land so how can we poison it with chemicals?”

While Um Hamza lives alone with her only son Hamza, 13 years old, she also opens her home to other kids from the family who come to eat and study in her house.
When asked how Canaan Fair Trade impacted her life, her smile widens as she speaks with gratitude. “I am a survivor and I will do what it takes to make ends meet but with the situation being so hard I almost lost hope in ever being able to market my olive oil. When Canaan Fair Trade approached me, I asked my brother to help me buy more land and I planted 2 acres of olive trees. Now I feel at ease, I know that every year someone will come and buy all my crops and that gives me so much emotional and economical stability.”

Rwada’s son Hazma is working hard in school. He’s hoping to earn a scholarship from Canaan Fair Trade so that he can pursue a career in Engineering. Rwada has demonstrated a strong work ethic for Hazma. He says that she “works harder than any man I know.”

I love supporting people like Rwada and Hazma. My hope is that as we begin to sell our soap, more women like Rwada and children like Hazma will have bright, hopeful futures. I love the narrative of this strong Palestinian woman who is working industriously to bring dignity to herself, her family and her community.


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