Bead for Life- Costa Atim

September 14, 2012

I feel hugely blessed to have found Bead for Life.  I buy my organic, Fair Trade shea butter from them.  I so badly want to create demand for what they’re producing and thus to participate in job production in this region.  The area where they’re working in Uganda has been tremendously challenged by political upheaval.  Although the situation has improved, the presence of the Lord’s Resistance Army brought indescribable anguish.  Costa Atim is one of the women who sells nuts to the shea butter collective.  She’s working hard to meet the basic needs of her family.  The story of raising children from your extended family seems to be a common occurrence.  Many people were killed during the time that the Lord’s Resistance Army terrorized this area.  Family members step in to care for children who have lost their parents.  With each bar of Frustrated Farmgirl soap that you buy, you’ll be supporting women like Costa Atim and their families.
As a side note, their shea butter is some of the best that I’ve run across.  It’s a beautiful thing when the highest quality meets the highest ethics.  That’s what I’ve found in Bead for Life.

Shea Gatherer Profile – Jajja Atim Costa from BeadforLife on Vimeo.

I’d love to have you join me on our journey as we launch our Fair Trade, organic soap business on November 1.   Subscribing to the blog will keep you abreast of our latest developments.  Just click the “sign me up” button.


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