Coast Coconut Farms

October 10, 2012

Coast Coconut Farms is our supplier for coconut oil out of Mombasa, Kenya. We looked far and wide for an ethical supplier of organic coconut oil, and Coast Coconut rose to the top. The oil is certified organic, and their fair trade practices are certified by Fair for Life. Coast Coconut Oil pays its workers a wage that they can actually live on. What this means is that the women who work there have been able to support their households and to send their children to school. The farmers who sell coconuts to Coast Coconut Farms are paid a premium price- more than twice the going rate in the area.


Mejuma Ali is one of the women who works at Coast Coconut. According to their website:

Mejuma supports her entire family, all nine children. She is proud that she has been able to afford to send the older seven school aged kids back to school. She has no previous employment and her family struggled for a while during her husbands long period of unemployment. With the income she has received from her job at Coast Coconut Farms she has been able to set up a small business for her husband. He now harvests wild mangoes and sends large quantities of mango juice to Mombasa. She wants her children to receive the best education possible and wants to be able to cover all their temporary needs.

Frustrated Farmgirl is proud to be partnering with organizations that are providing jobs with fair, sustainable wages. The core of what we’re trying to do is poverty alleviation through dignified employment.

On another note, we’re launching on Etsy on October 15. After that, my husband Charlie and our friend John will begin working on our web store, which will launch soon (date to be announced). We’d love to have you join us as we make this journey. Click on “sign me up” to subscribe to the blog, and you’ll get e-mails each time I post.


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