Live 58

November 29, 2012

For about a year, a group of people who are passionate about poverty alleviation has been meeting about this topic at my church. We first did a six-week series on various issues that orbit poverty alleviation. Healthcare. Water, sanitation and hygiene. Micro enterprise. Education. Then, we watched the Live 58 movie and went through their curriculum.

Last night, seven of us met with Jonathan Bell, Jim Van Eerden and Rob Harvey from Live 58. Live 58’s goal is to end extreme poverty (those living on less than $1.25 a day) by 2035. Slow down and read that sentence again. It’s ambitious and doable. Imagine ending the most extreme form of poverty in our lifetime. When our hearts engage with God’s heart for the poor, I believe that we will see miracles. Diseases will be healed. People will be fed. Slaves will be freed. Our next step in this endeavor at church will be to articulate a theology of poverty and to engage our church more fully in this issue. With God’s help, we can do this. We can end extreme poverty. It’s exciting and life-giving to be in on this. I’m grateful.

From a very personal point of view, I was incredibly encouraged. The leaders from 58 were smart, passionate, capable and articulate. They could be making a killing. Instead, they’re giving their lives away to make the end of extreme poverty a reality. It was a shot in the arm for me. The video below will give you an idea about what they’re doing.


3 Responses to “Live 58”

  1. Shot in the arm?! Yes! Amazing. I sit here in tears, your words and the truth in this video speaking right to my heart, friend. I am so grateful for how the Father gives us more faith, to wash away doubt and step into the role He has for each of us to walk with Him and love His children! Wow, this was powerful . . . Thank you, thank you. Love you, warrior-sister.

  2. […] you believe the poor will always be with us? Maybe not. My friend Robin points to “Live 58″ to set me […]

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