Fair Trade Gift Guide

December 11, 2012

Christmas is two weeks from today, and I wanted to give you a few gift suggestions. My standards are pretty high for gift giving. My husband and I have opted to give mostly philanthropic gifts over the last few years. But, there are times when it’s great to be able to give a gift that your loved one can actually open. It’s fun to open a well-considered gift! I have some ethical gift ideas that I would like to share. Not trinkets. These are gifts your loved one will actually use. I have no monetary relationship with any of these companies. They are Fair Trade companies that I have bought from myself, or I know the people who run the company. They’re all doing great things in the Fair Trade space.

Recycled fish feed sack totes from Kingdom Ventures. These bags are made by StopStart out of Cambodia. StopStart is a company that employs women who have been rescued out of trafficking. It’s a moral triple whammy. They’re providing gainful employment to give women choices; they’re upcycling fish feed bags that would likely wind up in the landfill; and they’re providing customers with grocery bags that are easy to tote around. I have two of these, and I use them every week for the grocery and farmers market.



Olive oil from Canaan Fair Trade. This olive oil is not only providing jobs and dignity for people living in Palestine, it’s also some of the yummiest olive oil that I’ve tasted. Canaan Fair Trade is the same company that I buy oil from for our soap.


Boxers from Good and Fair Clothing. We love these boxers. Charlie has been wearing them for the last couple of years. They’re made from organic, Fair Trade cotton. They’re both durable and comfy.


Scarf from Trade as One.
Last December, I worked in our church’s Fair Trade Marketplace for the Christmas shopping season. This scarf flew off the shelf. Some love the red, but we had trouble keeping the blue scarves (seen on the right) in stock because they sold so quickly.


Necklace and earrings from Trade as One. I have to mention these because they look great with the blue scarf above. The pictures below don’t do them justice. The jewelry is made by women at Nightlight. According to Trade as one, “NightLight was launched to provide a sustainable path out of poverty and sexual abuse for Bangkok’s young women. They work in the heart of the Nana/Sukhumvit area, which is rife with sexual abuse, trafficking, and extreme poverty.”




Bangles from Trade as One.
Another great gift item. We sold a ton of these. They’re darling, and they are a great value at $24.


Lavender and Lime Soap from our Etsy store.
It’s the purest soap that we could make. The ingredients are both organic and Fair Trade. It makes a great gift for under $15.


Ring of Fire coffee from Dean’s Beans. It’s the best Fair Trade coffee I’ve had. It’s a dark roast that will put hair on your chest. Charlie and I are both hooked. Their cheeky tag line is “what would Jesus brew?”. I love their snark and irreverence, and they’re truly Fair Trade.




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