2012: How did it go

January 1, 2013

For the past couple of years, I’ve chosen three words to center my goals for the year.   I sat down this afternoon to reflect on how I did with my 2012 words. Here are my reflections:


Went well:

  • Not having a TV serves our family.
  • Read for pleasure most evenings.
  • Spiritual margin- spent time reading Proverbs and the gospels most mornings.
  • Physical margin- swam regularly.  Got 6-8 hours of sleep most nights.
  • Keeping apps off my iphone serves me.  They are a time suck.  I knew they had to go when I snapped at my children when they interrupted me.  Worst offenders for me:  Pinterest, Twitter and TED.
  • Financial- cut expenses drastically.

Not so well:

  • Physical- need to drink more water.
  • Even without the apps, the iphone is a time suck for me.  It eats up my white space.  I think I need to change this when my contract is over in December.
  • Newly on Twitter- I need to keep an eye on this.
  • Even after all the decluttering we’ve done, it still feels like we have too much stuff- which leads to time spent cleaning and organizing.  Clutter is also a visual distraction.


I’m not so sure that this was a great goal.  Focus on what?  Focus needs something else to define it.


Went well:

  • Homeschool- the kids both progressed academically.  We’re engaging consistently with our homeschool community.  Homeschool hikes on Thursdays are a highlight of our week.
  • Mom- I’m connecting well with my (not so) little ones.  Good progress toward making what’s important to them important to me.
  • Launched our Fair Trade company.
  • Engaged with Extreme Poverty group at church, which was truly soul satisfying.  It’s where I’m supposed to be.

Not so well:

  • As happens with so many families in our season of life, mine and Charlie’s marriage took a back seat to life’s demands.  We were together before we had children.  We were together before we started a company.  We’ll be together long after the children fly the nest.  Other than our relationships with God, our marriage is truly the bedrock of our home.  Neglecting it is foolish.  I want to invest in us being close when we’re both hobbling around on walkers.  I want our marriage to thrive.  In 2013, regular dating must be a priority.

What about you?  How did your year go?  Greatest rewards?  Anything you would have done differently?


3 Responses to “2012: How did it go”

  1. […] know that this isn’t attractive to many of you.  But, for me, it holds promise.  I mentioned in my post yesterday that even after all the decluttering we’ve done over the last… Charlie  is offering me a decluttering throw-down.  See the date?  “Valid January […]

  2. Sam Woodward Says:

    Great reading Robin! Wonderful to see you are embracing your new life. I miss coming to your house for frozen chickens and meaninful conversation 😉

    We also spent 2012 decluttering and downsizing. We rented our house out, gave up gainful employment and spent 5 months living in a sprinter van, travelling around the Western US and homeschooling the kids. It was fantastic. I’m not over the moon about being back in “the real world”, but feel that our time spent away was good for us to focus on the important things in life (which are people, not things) and it was good to reassess our values, outside of the distractions of the crazy Bay Area. Oregon still beckons (it was even better than I remember and I still see you on a farm in Ashland!).

    Good luck to you for 2013!


    Sam Woodward

    • Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

      Great to hear from you, Sam! I miss seeing you, too! Would love to catch up and hear about your adventures. I’ll bet you can cover a lot of ground in five months. Would love to hear what all you got to see. Hope to catch up soon!

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