Simplify and Declutter: Day 1 of 10

January 3, 2013

For the next ten days, Charlie and I are  following Tsh Oxenreider’s plan to simplify, organize and clean our home.  It’s outlined in her book Organized Simplicity:  The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living.  It’s a great book, which I recommend.  While you’ll be able to get an idea of her process in my next few posts, it will only give you a snapshot of her process.  There’s so much more to the book such as writing a family mission statement and crafting a home management notebook.  She also has a great section with recipes for natural, non-toxic house cleaning solutions and body care.

Yesterday was Day 1- time to jump-start the process of clearing all the visual clutter and trash.  It didn’t take a ton of time.  My first step was to hand Charlie and Elizabeth trash bags.  I set the timer for 25 minutes.  Our job during that time was to get rid of any visual trash and to put any items that were ready for a new owner into our give pile.  They went to work on their rooms, and I did the rest of the house.  While there wasn’t a lot of trash, our give pile grew quite a bit.


We took down a cluttered photo grouping in our bedroom.  Charlie and I neither loved it nor found it soothing.  We took the photos out of frames to store them.  We’ll save a couple of frames that we really like.  Most will go to new owners.  We also briefly went over areas of the house where we knew we could make quick progress.  There were a few items in my art cabinet that I knew we wouldn’t use.  Out went any games or activities that we hadn’t played with in six months.  Charlie and I took a first pass at the book shelf in our room.  Out went any books that we didn’t love to re-read or that we knew we could easily get at the library.  These were first passes.  The deeper and more ruthless clearing will come later in the week.

Today is Day 2, and I’ll start the living room.  Onward.

Click on the links below to learn more about our household declutter:

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Day 10:  Entrances


8 Responses to “Simplify and Declutter: Day 1 of 10”

  1. Oh, my how you inspire me, friend! Love this!

    • Robin Johnson Simpson Says:

      Thanks, friend! Love the space you and Justin have created in your home. So cozy and inviting!

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