Freedom Summit 2013

January 17, 2013

Frustrated Farmgirl will be at the Freedom Summit next weekend.  I’m looking forward to connecting with other people involved in the modern abolitionist movement!  Charlie and I will also be selling soap at the Expo.  The last Freedom Summit was in 2011.  It was the largest anti-human trafficking conference that had happened at that time with 1700 attendees.  From what I understand, they’re expecting in the neighborhood of 3000 people to attend next weekend.

If you’re interested in the abolitionist movement, I can’t recommend this conference highly enough.  Even if you’re not, I would encourage you to come and learn.  Trafficking isn’t just something that’s happening in the developing world.  It’s happening right here.  Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are some of the largest trafficking cities in the US.  Globally, there are over 27 million people living in slavery.  I learned so much at the last conference, and I’m expecting to learn a ton this time and to meet with others who are engaged with this issue.  You can read about my experience at the last Freedom Summit here.  Hope to see you there!  Please stop by and say hello at the Expo!

The short video below will give you a taste of what’s to come at the conference.


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