The New Trade as One

February 27, 2013

I’ve been a fan of Trade as One for a while.  Now, I’m an even bigger fan.  They have a new business model that is moving away from handicrafts and toward consumables.  Why do I love the new business model so much?  In short, it’s less stuff.  We all have things we need.  For most of us, our consumption goes way beyond what we need.  This has implications for the people who produce the goods and it has an environmental impact.  I consume, so I’m not sitting in judgement.  But, it remains that our consumption of stuff has an impact.  With Trade as One’s new model, they are helping consumers to buy ethically produced food and body care products that they would use anyway.  Sugar.  Vanilla.  Chocolate.  Soup Mix.  Check out their new video above.  Also, check out their new Change for Good program, which is a quarterly subscription for Fair Trade consumables.


One Response to “The New Trade as One”

  1. This is super exciting. Thanks for the heads up, Robin.

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