Fair Trade Easter Chocolate

March 8, 2013

Easter is three short weeks away, and I wanted to share some sources of ethical chocolate for Easter baskets.  37-43% of the chocolate that you get from the big chocolate producers such as Hershey and Nestle comes from Ivory Coast, where child slavery is very common.  You can read my longer post about ethical issues with chocolate here.    Here is the Wikipedia article on child slavery in the chocolate trade.  

Today, I want to tell you not so much about the problem, but about some ethical, yummy alternatives.

These cute easter baskets are from Mama Ganache.  They are $39.95, and they include chocolate bunnies, solid eggs, filled eggs, stuffed Easter buddy, and two darling decorated Easter cookies.  All the ingredients are certified organic and Fair Trade.


Divine makes very cute little bunnies to stick in your easter basket.  They carry both dark and milk chocolate.  My children loved these last year!  They are 3.5 oz for $6.29.

Then, there are two of my favorites.  Not bunnies, but the yummiest chocolate that I know of.

Tcho makes a darling Easter bunny gift tub.  It includes 50 .25oz bars for $29.95.  Tcho is a San Francisco chocolate company that has the highest standards in both their organic and Fair Trade practices.

Or get Tcho’s Citrus chick cube, which includes 6 .28 oz bars for $6.45

So, there’s nothing bunny about it, but I would be thrilled to get this.  Amazing dark chocolate with little surprises of sea salt.  Decadent. Theo is a wonderful bean-to-bar Fair Trade organic chocolate maker out of Seattle.  So yummy.  A 3 oz. bar is $5.

In closing, I want to quickly pitch the idea that with chocolate, less is more.  For most of us, money is something that we have to consider when buying Easter treats.  Consider buying less chocolate this year so that you can buy ethically.  I miss my Reese’s peanut butter cups more than I can say, but I just can’t eat them knowing that Hershey is looking the other way with child slavery.  Give one of these chocolates a try.


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  1. Do you know any inside info on callebaut chocolate?

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  2. […] We updated our post on Easter chocolate a few weeks ago.  All of our old recommendations still stand!  In fact, I just put in a group order yesterday for Mama Ganache. […]

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