Girl Rising

March 13, 2013

I saw Girl Rising with a group of friends from the Extreme Poverty group at my church last night.  Loved that Legacy Venture hosted the showing.  The film introduces the viewer to the power of educating a girl in the developing world.  It increases their potential to earn a good living.  It makes them safer.  It makes them healthier. Girls who are educated marry later and have fewer children.  Girls who are educated are significantly less likely to contract HIV.  Their children are more likely to be educated and healthy.   Educating a girl has a positive impact on the entire community. The film gives you the stories of six different girls in Nepal, Sierra Leone, India, Peru, Haiti and Afghanistan.  It’s not exhaustive.  It doesn’t explore the complexities of educating girls.  It doesn’t explore every nuance.  It’s not completely documentary and not completely fiction.  These six girls worked with story tellers (film makers) to tell the viewers their stories.  It paints six different pictures of these girls’ stories- and gives the viewer a vision of how education can change girls’ lives.  If you can find a showing, I would encourage you to go see the film.


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