Interview with Scott Harrison

April 8, 2013

Check out this interview with Scott Harrison, who is the CEO of Charity Water.  Water is being done poorly by so many non-profits.  Charity Water is one of the players in this space who is doing water, sanitation and hygiene very well.  In this interview, Scott tells the story about how he founded Charity Water.  It’s inspirational.  He’s a Christian, but isn’t suffocating or preachy.  I love the theme of redemption that we see here (my word, not his).  I love that God used his experience as a nightclub promoter in helping build the Charity Water brand.  I love that he called Jesus a Bad Ass.  Because I think Jesus was a Bad Ass.  He ticked people off.  Dude got a whip out in the temple.  He didn’t cower to the religious elite who were very concerned with following the rules.  If your image of Jesus is milk toast, you might want to get to know Him.  My friend Nancy says that He would have been in the time out chair frequently.

I love hearing stories about people who are living redemptive lives off the map.  Most of the time, they don’t know what they’re doing when they start.  But, they start.  They try things.  They throw out what doesn’t work and try something else.  They course correct.  This youtube clip is about an hour long, but definitely worth your time.



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