Fair Trade Chocolate Ghee

June 3, 2013

It’s sin in a spoon.

We used to buy chocolate ghee from Real Food Bay Area.  We wanted to see if we could make it ourselves, so we tried it this morning.

So, so yummy.  Think of nutella, only better.  It has no hydrogenated anything, and the chocolate is Fair Trade.  The ingredients are incredibly simple.

Organic Butter- 1 c (2 sticks)

Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Chips- 1 c (I used 42% cacao- I think it would be even better with a higher percentage of cacao).

Place the butter in the pan.  Heat it gently.  Little by little, the milk solids will separate from the butter fat.  Skim off the milk solids as they bubble to the top.  Eventually the fat will separate from the milk solids (the white part).



Measure the chocolate chips into a pan.  When you have the ghee (clarified butter fat) all separated, pour it over the chocolate chips.  Stir as the chocolate chips melt.  You may need to turn on the heat a bit for the chocolate chips to melt completely.  Watch the pan very closely- you don’t want it to burn.


When the chocolate chips are completely melted and the ghee and chocolate are well mixed, pour the chocolate ghee into a small jar or a ramekin.  Let it harden in the fridge, the cover.  Ghee is very stable in the fridge.  This mix will keep for at least a couple of months.


Chocolate ghee is super yummy on toast.


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