What Happens When You Take Responsibility for Your Own Garbage

April 8, 2014

This is the blog article that I’ve been wanting to read for so long. While our family has made an ongoing attempt to reduce our waste, my awesome friend Jacki puts us to shame. Check out what she does to reduce her waste. My challenge to you is to pick one thing. Does one of these seem like something you could implement? If so, give it a try. It’s small habits over time that can make a big difference.

Post-Consumer Life


One of the catalysts to shifting our thinking about our consumerism was an eye-opening tour of our local waste transfer facility.

Since then, we’ve been working toward zero waste to varying degrees. By setting up some simple systems and without a whole lot of effort other than some habit changes, we were able to reduce our garbage output to one small gallon bin once per week. And even then, we were far from getting to where we wanted to be. Unlike the Zero Waste Home, which puts all of us to shame. For real inspiration, be sure to check them out.

Once we moved from our suburban home to the sticks, we had an increase in our garbage output out of sheer overwhelm at all the work that everything took, so we fell back to the convenience of package-wrapped food. We had ordered garbage service out here for…

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